So, I'm going to offer free craft classes! Teaching online classes is something I've wanted to do, but I also want do it in a way so that's affordable for everyone.

Free is affordable for everyone.

But before I launch these on the world, I need feedback.  So I'm looking for ten brave volunteers who are willing to take the full set of courses and provide feedback on each part of what I'm calling the Basic Course. What's in it for you? Feedback as well.  I'll read a single chapter (up to 3000 words) of your story and provide critique.

What is the Basic course?  It'll consist of a plot class, a character class, and a setting class.  These are very basic classes (hence the name) and once I've gotten the format worked out I plan on offering more in depth courses, like on voice and crafting diverse characters, etc.  All free.

But first! The Basic course.

I'm planning on offering two different methods: email and Google hangouts.  The Google Hangouts will be more like live classes, you'll dial in on Saturday afternoon (4 PM EST) and you'll get to hear me ramble on about writing, followed by a Q&A after.

For the email courses, you'll get links to YouTube videos from the Saturday class followed by a private Google Group forum for Q&A. On your schedule.


Check this space for details on future classes.