SFWA Official Platform!

So, I'm running for SFWA Director at Large.  Interested in my platform? Here ya go!

Hi All!  My name is Justina Ireland and I’m running for director at large. I’m a young adult author who is a Book Riot contributor and very active on social media.  I’m also an Army vet who is currently an employee for the Department of Defense.  My day job relies directly on both my leadership and policy experience, and I hope to bring both of those to bear if elected Director at Large (which sounds kind of ominous but honestly, I’m harmless).

I’m the founder of Writing in the Margins, an organization that has assisted unpublished people from marginalized backgrounds in learning the skills they need to get traditionally published.  I’m hoping to bring this same love of teaching to SFWA to jumpstart the mentoring program and offer craft classes to members who may have seen their sales stall for one reason or another.

My platform is focused on increasing membership in SFWA by recruiting eligible Middle Grade and Young Adult authors and providing much needed representation in those areas. SFWA membership is but a fraction of what it could be, and by adding members SFWA could expand its presence into the world of kidlit. That would mean new markets for members, new conferences where SFWA has yet to make an impression, and an influx of new blood and increased funds into the organization.  I also want to strengthen recruitment of eligible non-members by developing programs that assist newer authors in marketing their works and finding their way in that tumultuous first year of publication and offering a program that assists current authors in self publishing and marketing their backlist.

My platform includes:

  • Outreach to eligible children’s authors to increase membership.
  • Increased opportunities for current members in the form of marketing classes and craft classes
  • Increased representation at smaller conferences for authors who are unable to travel to larger conferences in major cities.
  • Better marketing for members by seizing social media such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook in real and actionable ways.
  • Cookies for everyone. Oatmeal raisin AND oatmeal chocolate chip.


(That's my official platform, but also I am passionate about diversity and would really like to see SFWA do some outreach to marginalized groups who are eligible but who haven't joined due to #racefail or Puppy Drama or one reason or another. Just something to keep in mind even if I lose).


Anyway, vote for me if you like stuff!