Developmental Editing Services

Looking to take your work to that next level? Stuck in a cycle of rejections? Considering self-publishing and want to put your best story forward? Why not consider hiring me to edit your work?

I'm a multi-published author with an advanced writing degree and experience editing work for the short fiction market.  I've read for well-published authors and newbies to the game, and I know what makes a story work and what makes a story struggle.  I have a critical eye for character, pacing, and dialogue, and a wealth of craft knowledge as well.



Quick Read - $0.007 a word

This is just a basic read through of a story or sample chapters with feedback provided in text and in an overall summary. A reader's report will focus on characters, dialogue, pacing, plot, and overall theme and will emphasize both what is already working and what could be improved.


Developmental Edit - $0.02 a word

This is an in depth edit of a story focusing on both individual scene work and overall content. Notes will appear in document as well as at the end of each chapter and in the reader's report.  This edit will address overall structure of the narrative as well as characters, dialogue, pacing, plot, overall theme, word usage, and will emphasize both what is already working and what is not.  This edit also explores an author's options for improving the work and a discussion of the techniques that could be used.  A thirty minute phone call or Skype audio session is included with the edit.


Brainstorming Session - $100 an hour

Have a question? Wondering what could probably go wrong with your current bright idea?  Gotten feedback from an editor or agent and have no idea what to do with it?  I'm available to chat via phone or Skype audio call.  Send me your dilemma in advance and we'll talk it out.


Please Note: I do not do Sensitivity Reads, but will read for issues of stereotypes and negative tropes in both the Developmental and Quick Read packages. However, I highly recommend that authors get Sensitivity Reads from experienced readers who understand the dynamics of structural oppression and identity. Recommendations are available.

Please also keep in mind that paying for editing services does not guarantee agent representation or publication, but it will make your story stronger and you a better writer.



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